Itchy Dogs

With the weather warming up we’re getting into Itch Season, the worst time of year for itchy dogs. If your dog is scratching, licking or gnawing it could be a sign they’re suffering from uncomfortable itch. During warmer months certain “triggers” in the environment can start an allergy or worsen an existing skin condition. These include pollen, fleas, mites and dust.

And it’s more common than you might think. One in three dogs seen by a vet have an itch problem1.

We have recently introduced the latest breakthrough treatment for itch – a steroid-free treatment that relieves itch faster and safer2,3 . So, if you notice your dog showing any signs of uncomfortable itch, such as scratching, licking or gnawing, bring them in for a consultation and we can see if they’d benefit from this new steroid-free option.

Pet Doctor Vet is proud to offer this special introductory offer:

Buy 3 doses of Simparica and get 1 dose FREE!*

“A flea, tick, mange and mite monthly chew, that works fast and lasts. Simple.”

For more information, make an appointment with our friendly Woodville or West Lakes clinic – or click here to download the Paw Club Care Loyalty Program app by Zoetis, free from the App Store.

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