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Meet The Team…Tayla!

Posted: October 22, 2019

Here at Pet Doctor we love seeing young ones take such an interest in caring for animals and taking their first steps towards such a rewarding career. Introducing Tayla! Our work experience student from Mount Carmel College. Tayla is a special girl as she is not obliged to be doing work experience, but she wants […]

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Important Information About Desexing Female Dogs

Posted: September 24, 2019

All You Need To Know About Desexing Female Dogs The RSPCA receives over 125,000 animals every year. Unfortunately, many of these are unwanted animals due to unplanned breeding. This is why it is extremely important to desex your beloved pets. Desexing not only helps to ensure unwanted and homeless animals but also help them live […]

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Meet The Team…Alex!

Posted: August 6, 2019

Our next superstar is Alex! Our 20 year old Trainee Veterinary Nurse. She was born in Adelaide with a Polish background. Ever since she was little, Alex has always wanted to work with animals. Thanks to her passion and loving to help those in need, she is a perfect fit for our hardworking and caring team. […]

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Meet The Team…Dr. Patrick!

Posted: July 26, 2019

At Pet Doctor we have an amazing group of superstar staff, that help to make everyday here in our clinics run on track and always with a smile. We want you to get to know our Pet Doctor family as well as we do, so we are introducing our new ‘Meet The Team’ segment! First […]

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Watch Out For Kennel Cough

Posted: May 22, 2019

Just like how humans catch the flu, dogs can very easily catch a highly contagious infection known as ‘kennel cough’ otherwise known as Canine Cough. Canine Cough causes a dry, repetitive, choking cough and fever which can be followed by sneezing, runny eyes and nose. In some cases, bringing up clear phlegm and sometimes mimicking a […]

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Beware Of Easter Treats!

Posted: April 17, 2019

With Easter right on our doorsteps, it’s time to butter up those hot crossed buns and indulge in an Easter egg or two…or 3 (we don’t judge 😉). But as great as Easter treats are, they are not for everyone. Though tempted to share with our pets, you should beware of Easter treats and refrain […]

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Parvovirus Outbreak In The Semaphore Area

Posted: March 4, 2019

Be Careful Of The Parvovirus Outbreak In recent weeks, an outbreak of the seriously dangerous Parvovirus has spread across the Semaphore area, endangering many pets. If not treated properly, this virus can put your pet’s health in a critical condition and can cause this outbreak to further infect unsuspecting animals. What is Parvovirus? Parvovirus (parvo) […]

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Free Hydrobath

Posted: March 4, 2019

Free Hydrobath for Dogs in March To get your pet ready for the new season, we are offering you a free doggy wash in our K9000® Hydrobath for the month of March! Your pooch is sure to feel fresh and ready to take on top spot at the dog park after they have received a wash […]

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Meet Pancho From The Greyhound Adoption Program

Posted: May 10, 2018

Meet Pancho The Greyhound Here at Pet Doctor Woodville & West Lakes, we are big supporters of the Greyhound Adoption Program SA (GAPSA). The amazing team at GAPSA are dedicated to finding homes for retired and non-racing Greyhounds. They also aim to educate the public about the gentle nature of the breed. One of the […]

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How To Tell If Your Pet Needs A Behavioural Check Up

Posted: May 7, 2018

Anxiety and behavioural problems are extremely common in both dogs and cats. They are a big deal for owners as they often result in destruction of property, noise complaints etc. But they are a bigger deal for our pets because if they are displaying a potential behavioural problem then they are most likely feeling very anxious, sad […]

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