Xrays remain a very important and cost effective means of internally imaging animals.

Because of this, we here at Pet Doctor have invested in upgrading to a direct digital Xray unit – the first of its kind in South Australia. It produces high quality images in only seconds.

In addition to our digital Xray unit we have at our disposal the use of in-house endoscopy and ultrasound to aid us in our diagnoses.


Telescopic endoscopy involves passing rigid or flexible tubes into various body cavities such as ears, nose, stomach and intestines so they can be directly examined and in some cases treat and have pathology samples collected. A general anaesthetic is usually required to perform these procedures.


Ultrasound is a non-invasive method of viewing internal organs of an animal. It is a method used in order to avoid further invasive surgeries. In most instances, ultrasound treatment has the ability to diagnose illnesses to assist in treatment.

Your Vet will recommend an ultrasound where necessary.