How To Tell If Your Pet Needs A Behavioural Check Up

Anxiety and behavioural problems are extremely common in both dogs and cats. They are a big deal for owners as they often result in destruction of property, noise complaints etc. But they are a bigger deal for our pets because if they are displaying a potential behavioural problem then they are most likely feeling very anxious, sad and alone.

Some behaviour issues are more subtle than others so take a quick behavioural check up now.

Dog behavioural check up:
Does your dog…

  • Get stressed out about coming to the vet?
  • Bark excessively?
  • Hide, run away or ignore you when called?
  • Become agitated when away from you?
  • Destroy the house and yard?
  • Get scared in storms?
  • Respond inappropriately to other dogs, animals or people?

If so, we can help!

Cat behavioural check up:
Does your cat…

  • Scratch the couch more than its scratching post?
  • Toilet outside the litter box?
  • Hide away for most of the day?
  • Resist going into the cat carrier?
  • Fight with the other members of the family?

If so, we can help!

Dr Jess Steel is offering one-on-one behavioural medicine consults from our Woodville and West Lakes practices to help your pet live its happiest life!