Feral Cat Day

Here at Pet Doctor, we love to celebrate anything to do with our four-legged companions. The 16th of October is Feral Cat Day but why is this something to celebrate you may wonder? Well, this day helps to shed some light on the strays and helpless kitties roaming our streets. We love to educate you and other animal lovers on how you can help.

Pet Adoption

Apart from introducing a cuddly companion into your home, you are also, in turn, save a life. By adopting, you are helping your feline friends live a much healthier and safer life. Saving it from harm and the potential diseases of the backstreets. Shelters such as Paws & Claws Adoptions, the RSPCA South Australia and the Animal Welfare League (AWL) and have adoption processes to help you find your purrrrfect match.

Pet Doctor has been working closely with Paws & Claws Adoptions for a number of years. They help us foster and rehome animals who may have been surrendered or abandoned. Over the years, they have found the furever homes for many of Pet Doctor’s cats and kittens.

At the RSPCA, they take the liberty of colour co-ordinating their cats. Making it easier to identify your enthusiastic kitten from your mellow kitty cat. The AWL also operate by a similar system by asking a series of simple questions. This makes the adoption process smooth and easy for you to find your new buddy.


De-sexing your cat helps to decrease the number of kittens growing up without a place to call home. By de-sexing, it can also lead to a much healthier lifestyle as it eliminates the chance of your cat from getting uterine disease. It also reduces the chance for mammary tumours (breast cancer). This surgery can be conducted at Pet Doctor’s Woodville or West Lakes clinic. To ensure your cat’s surgery progresses along well after their vet visit, it is vital to listen carefully to your vet’s instructions to make the post-operative process a successful one!

Even though it may not be Feral Cat Day every day, we do not forget about our helpless feline friends. We try to do our best to help them live happy and healthy nine lives.