John and Liz knew that their beloved Molly wasn’t going to be able to live much longer due to an unfortunate case of lead poisoning. Molly’s body was destroying her own red blood cells and she was rapidly becoming weak and lifeless. But all that changed after we were able to miraculously give Molly the blood transfusion that she so desperately needed. 

Finding blood donors in the veterinary industry is very difficult, as the donor often needs to be found extremely quickly. Not only does the clinic need to find a matching donor, but that donor needs to be able to pass a number of tests, and the clinic then needs to be equipped to facilitate the procedure. We here at Pet Doctor are so proud that we were able to make this happen for Molly. 

Meet our donors, Rochelle and Titan! 

We can not thank the amazing parents of both Titan and Rochelle enough, who both essentially dropped what they were doing in order to bring in their pets and allow them to donate their blood for Molly when they were asked. We are so humbled to have clients that care so much, not only about their own pet(s), but also about others. 

As we could only give Molly one transfusion per day. Rochelle donated her blood first, followed by Titan, who donated his blood the very next day. Because of this, within a week, Molly was back to her normal, playful and bossy self!! We still can’t believe it! 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to keep any and all products containing lead out of reach of their pets. It is extremely toxic and life-threatening to them. Saving Molly was a rare and miraculous event, and we can’t guarantee we could do it again for another.

If you suspect your pet has eaten something dangerous or life-threatening to them, please call the Australian Animal Poison Hotline immediately on 1300 TOX PET to seek advice.