Pet Simmer’s Club

Pet Doctor is proud to announce our brand new program. It will become a permanent fixture at our Woodville and West Lakes clinics. Our Pet Slimmer’s Club works in conjunction with Royal Canin. This program will help your pet become fit for Summer and healthy for life.

Slim Pet, Healthy Pet

1kg extra on your pet may not see like a lot – but have you considered what that would mean in human terms? Based on the average human weight of 65kg;

  • 4kg Cat, such as a Domestic Shorthair, Himalayan or Manx: + 1kg = +16kg for a human
  • 10kg Dog, such as a Beagle, Cocker Spaniel or French Bulldog: + 1kg = +7kg for a human
  • 25kg Dog, such as a Staffy, Boxer or Husky: + 1kg = +3kg for a human


We’re sure that you’ve heard the phrase ‘in moderation’ when it comes to your health – and the same goes for your pet. Love does not equal food, and it is this mindset that is causing the pet obesity epidemic that Adelaide veterinarians such as the team at Pet Doctor see far too regularly.

Join Today

At Pet Doctor, we’re committed to keeping your cat or dog as happy and as healthy as possible. If you think your pet could be overweight or at risk, we encourage you to book an appointment with a member of our friendly team. We will happily speak to you about what’s involved in our Pet Slimmer’s Club, which includes;

  • Free introductory consultation
  • Fortnightly weigh-ins
  • Support and analysis of your pet’s weight

Contact us if our Pet Slimmer’s Club sounds like the right fit for you – and take a look at Pet Doctor’s very first success story!

Sally’s Story

Sally was an unhappy, tired, obese dog that would beg for, and even steal, food. At 22.5kg Sally’s tiny legs were beginning to show signs of soreness.

Since commencing the Pet Slimmer’s Club at Pet Doctor’s Woodville clinic on 2nd August, Sally has become far more energetic and has stopped begging for food. She now runs around the backyard and plays with other dogs – particularly her fur-sibling, who is enjoying the newfound playtime almost as much as Sally is!

Sally is very close to reaching her goal weight after only 3 short months. With the fantastic help of her owners and Pet Doctor’s Pet Slimmer’s Club, she now weighs a stunning 17.9kgs – which of course is much closer to the ideal weight for her breed.



Sally Before



Sally After