Meet Pancho The Greyhound

Here at Pet Doctor Woodville & West Lakes, we are big supporters of the Greyhound Adoption Program SA (GAPSA). The amazing team at GAPSA are dedicated to finding homes for retired and non-racing Greyhounds. They also aim to educate the public about the gentle nature of the breed. One of the Greyhounds GAPSA have helped Pancho find his furever home.



Pancho is a lovely boy who had quite severe problems with hypothyroidism. He had a very rough coat and large bald patches on his thighs and belly. Pancho was fairly anxious fellow and needed a calm and consistent environment. He needed a healthy diet and a very clear routine that involved reward-based obedience classes.

GAPSA volunteers Margaret and Roy took him in and has worked wonders to make him the strong, healthy boy that he is today. Pancho’s improvements in just 3 short months wowed his new foster Mum and Dad. As a result, you wouldn’t even know he ever had a health problem!

Pancho is just one of the many GAPSA success stories. Because of the tireless work of the GAPSA volunteers, they are now successful at rehoming 75% of retired Greyhounds! They are hoping to place all suitable hounds into new homes in the next 2 years. If successful, South Australia will be the first state to achieve this goal! There’s still a long way to go and they would love your help too.

Here are just a few ways that you can support the Greyhound Adoption Program SA:

  • Foster a Greyhound: Whilst they are well-cared for in the kennel environment, these Greyhounds benefit from time in foster care prior to adoption. This helps them adjust to life in a domestic environment. The more fosterers GAPSA have, the sooner they can be placed into their adoptive homes. You can foster a Greyhound as part of GAPSA 6 week program under General Foster Care or Foster with a View to Adopt.
  • Adopt a Greyhound: For only $150, you can welcome the newest member of your family into your home! All Greyhounds adopted through GAPSA are desexed, wormed, C5 vaccinated, microchipped, health and dental checked. You will receive ongoing support from GAPSA and they’ll come home with a green collar, lead and winter coat.
  • Volunteer: They always need volunteers to help out. From veterinary care, behavioural support, health care, to assistance on adoption days and more. Therefore, GAPSA is always on the lookout for volunteers who can assist.

Some things that you might not know about Greyhounds:

  • They make wonderful and affectionate pets
  • Gentle, well-mannered and thrive on human companionship
  • Form bonds with their owners quickly. Therefore, they can easily become a valued member of your family
  • Despite their explosive speed on the track, Greyhounds require very little exercise
  • A 20 minute walk a day or a 1 hour burst of energy at the park is all they need
  • They adapt to lifestyle changes quickly
  • An ideal dog for fostering or adoption
  • They are best suited to indoor-living, hence, suitable for families with limited outdoor spaces
  • They suit most family’s living situations
  • Well suited to all pet owners from young couples to homes with school-aged children etc.

If you want to learn more about the Greyhound Adoption Program SA, you can contact Pet Doctor Vet or GAPSA.