Taking your pets on holidays? Here are 8 tips to keep you pets safe on your next travel adventure!


It’s holiday time! And everyone deserves a break, even our pets! If you are planning on taking your pets away with you this holiday period, make sure you take a look through our handy tips to make sure everyone stays safe and happy along the way.


  1. Consider visiting your vet before you leave

See your vet before you leave to make sure your pet is in good health and is in fit condition to travel. It’s important to make sure their vaccinations and parasite control are up to date to avoid picking up any unexpected nasties.


  1. Make sure their registration details are up to date

Unfamiliar places can be scary. If you are taking your pet to an unfamiliar location, make sure you take copies of their identification papers and/or that they are wearing up-to-date registration/identification tags just in case they become scared and escape. This way you have a greater chance of being reunited!  If your pet is microchipped, ensure all your contact details are up to date; if they’re not microchipped, consider getting this done before you go away.


  1. Take regular breaks on long journeys

Long drives can be stressful for many animals. Take regular food and bathroom breaks on long journeys, and make sure your pets stay hydrated! It is also important to make sure that they feel safe and secure. Taking their familiar food /water bowl and bedding can help reassure them and give them the comfort of routine.


  1. Check your accommodation is suitable

Make sure where you are staying is pet-friendly! Many caravan parks will allow only small dogs or dogs on leads so call in advance to check if your dog will be welcome. Having a secure yard area or tether for dogs so they can’t escape is strongly recommended. If you are planning on taking your feline friends away, make sure there is a secure place they can stay and not escape, preferably inside, as cats can become easily scared in new environments.


  1. Maintain a regular diet

Maintain your pet’s regular diet as much as possible while on holiday. This will help keep them calm and happy, and avoid the onset of an acute illness due to a sudden diet change. Remember to take plenty of food with you as many stores do not operate regular hours during the holiday period.


  1. Research your destination

Be respectful of the location you’re staying in, for the safety of your pets, other patrons, and the environment and local wildlife. Remember, dogs are not welcome everywhere and some destinations, such as beaches or camping grounds, have specific “on leash” areas.


Please note: Cats and dogs are banned from National Parks, Nature Reserves, and State Recreation Areas, as they are considered a threat to native wildlife.


  1. Be prepared for the worst

First-aid kits are just as important for pets as they are for humans! Make sure you have the appropriate items in your first-aid kit to cater for humans and animals. You can pick up a copy of a first-aid manual for your pets from Pet Doctor or the Animal Emergency Centre at Magill.


  1. Should you even take your pet?

Keep in mind that not all pets like to travel – usually due to anxiety or a proneness to motion-sickness. Consider leaving your pets at home in a safe and secure place with a familiar person, or placing them in a trusted boarding kennel. Considering their needs is vital for their well-being.