Just like how humans catch the flu, dogs can very easily catch a highly contagious infection known as ‘kennel cough’ otherwise known as Canine Cough.

Canine Cough causes a dry, repetitive, choking cough and fever which can be followed by sneezing, runny eyes and nose. In some cases, bringing up clear phlegm and sometimes mimicking a choking motion.

It is extremely contagious and can have long periods of incubation.

The most common places for dogs to contract kennel cough are places like doggy daycares and parks.

The team at Pet Doctor have seen a rapid increase in patients coming into our clinic with kennel cough over the past month and we would like to spread the awareness to ensure your pet is safe and vaccinated. We can reduce the risk to your pet by making sure you’re up to date with vaccinations.

Vaccination is the key, however, your dog can still contract it if there is a known outbreak.

Is your pet up to date with their vaccinations?

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