This article is Part 3 of our series, educating pet owners about the importance of proper dental care for your dogs and cats. Click to read Parts 1 and  2 – and here to view our special offers for the month of August 2016.

Dental Disease – a common problem

Dental diseases are becoming more common in pets, with up to 85% of animals aged three years and over now affected. Does your dog or cat have halitosis (smelly breath)? This is often the first sign of a problem – but it can be prevented!

As with human teeth, residual food and bacteria and calcium deposits form plaque and tartar on our pet’s teeth, with painful and sometimes serious results.

Failure to address the problem can result in bacteria being carried into the animal’s bloodstream, resulting in severe or even fatal complications with their stomach, heart, liver, and kidneys. Your pet’s dental care is an important part of their overall health.

How to prevent dental disease

There are a number of ways to prevent dental disease, including:

  • Diet – provide pets with regular access to special dental treats and chews, bones and dental diets.
  • Dental water additives.
  • Regular brushing with pet toothpastes and tooth brushes.
  • Rinsing with special gels.

Our helpful staff will be able to recommend the best option for your pet. The team here at Pet Doctor are offering free dental checks all through the month of August. Plus, everyone who comes in for a free dental check goes in the draw to win one of two dental gift baskets valued at $250! Please contact our Woodville or West Lakes clinics to book your free appointment today.

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