This article is Part 2 of our series, educating pet owners about the importance of proper dental care for your dogs and cats. Click here to read Part 1 and view our special offers available at both Pet Doctor Woodville and West Lakes locations in August.

How do you know if your pet has a toothache?

August is National Pet Dental Month here at Pet Doctor and our aim is to help you detect and prevent dental issues for your dogs and cats.

When it comes to dental care, pets often won’t show pain. Even pets with sore gums, infected mouths and broken teeth will still continue to eat – so owners may not see any problems. So, how can you tell if your dog or cat has a toothache?

Some of the signs that may point to a pet with dental issue include:

• Drooling
• Bad breath
• Reluctance or inability to eat
• Lip smacking
• Pawing at the mouth
• Mouth hanging open, with tongue protruding
• Using one side of the mouth/dropping food while chewing
• Rejection of hard/crunchy foods in preference for tinned/soft food
• Poor appetite
• A build-up of plaque and stains on teeth
• Redness, swelling and bleeding of the gums

Your pet’s breath should not smell bad – bad breath is a sign or infection. Gums may be red and inflamed and the teeth stained with tartar, or they may start dropping food.

Annual dental health checks are an ideal opportunity for owners to find out if their pet has existing problems which have gone unnoticed. Dental health checks also help ensure bacteria and poisons from dental infections do not spread to the heart, liver and kidneys through the blood stream.

The team here at Pet Doctor are offering free dental checks all through the month of August. Plus, everyone who comes in for a free dental check goes in the draw to win one of two dental gift baskets valued at $250! Please contact our Woodville or West Lakes clinics to book your free appointment today.

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